Mareke Geraedts

Dia:Beacon, New York

Imi Knoebel – Mareke Geraedts 

When I was 26 I studied at art school in New York City. In that time I got acquainted with the museum Dia:Beacon. Spending the last of my pocket money for the month, I travelled from Grand Central by train, along the river Hudson on a beautiful and crispy fall day, to the tiny town of Beacon. It was an amazing experience, seeing the landscape slowly change. Entering Dia:Beacon felt like coming home to almost all my favourites: Serra, Judd, Richter, Smithson, Le Witt. Words fell short then and they still do now.

Skipping forward a few years I visited the museum Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin. Together with my father. He and I were very close, finding each other in our love for art and modesty in the way we lived. One of his favourite artists was Imi Knoebel and also Blinky Palermo, who shared a studio together. When we were in Berlin, we saw some beautiful work of both of those artists. Again, we could not find words for what we experienced.

Skipping forward a few more years… I’m back in The Netherlands. My father sadly has passed away. We are in a pandemic. Our world has become small, introverted, challenged.

As an ode to better times. As an ode to deep love. As an ode to great museums and amazing artists, I chose this space containing these artworks from Imi Knoebel – made as an homage to Blinky Palermo – to relate with in making my piece.

My work doesn’t have a name. Because I can’t capture my joy, pain, inspiration and enormous gratitude in a title.

With many warm thoughts for Andy McAlpine, Thom Geraedts and John Bolger who have been a great inspiration in following my inner voice for making art.